Hello there!

Welcome to my world, named the Days of Rain & Summer, for all the right reasons.

I don’t know about you, but for me, Summer and Monsoon seasons are my most favorite seasons of the year. There is something magical in the air that suddenly inspires me to do something, be something, and create something. Almost like being another person, even if it’s for a little while.

During summer months, the warmth of the air reminds me of the wonderful things that I used to experience as a child. Like a good book and a hammock. Or wiggling your toes under soft beach sands. Or even the liberating the feeling of waking up whenever without a pressing agenda to attend to, and of course, the freedom from school.

Those memories have embedded the feel of summer in my head as a season to unwind, and take a small break from life. No matter what you do, everyone needs to pause for a moment and assess how far you have come. And summer does that for me. Even though I do have a job, it reminds me to take it easy once and a while. Sometimes you need a breather from the rush and bustle of everyday. And not to forget that it’s okay if you take things slow. You learn to appreciate the very same things even more.

Now the rainy seasons follows in the exact same line. Except this season is more refreshing to me.

It helps me get back into focus, to know what I want from life and how can I get to that point without losing the essence of who I am. Because let’s face it, we all know the sense of who we are when we are still in school, but the moment we step into the real world, the pressure, the reality of it all hits us in the face and while running race of success, we forget ‘us’.

The rain to me is a season for realizing that everyone needs a wake-up call. Even me. That no matter who or what you are, you need a good wash down to get rid of all the built up of everyday commonality. Like a good scrub of all the dust that has accumulated on top of you from living the ordinary day-to-day scenarios. And who knows? When you come out squeaky clean, you might find a whole new refreshed perspective to life. Wouldn't that feel great?

So with this blog, I hope to remind you all how good life feels if you learn to take it one step at a time. Stop to smell the books, sip a cup of tea, meet that someone new, savor a good conversation and most importantly, realize that life is going to happen every day, you have to find new ways to make it better.

Wishing good things for you all. 

Niki :)



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